Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm dreaming of a white... Halloween! I'm.. OH! Sorry about that. Anyway, as the pumpkin says down there, Happy Halloween! The next few pictures will be of my pets' Halloween costumes. Starting with...

Well, the ghost of Bloody Mary (the lizard) came back on the day of Halloween! Hee hee hee!! YOU'LL NEVER SURVIVE!!!

Next is King Romeo, who is listening to one of his people's complaints...
Now is the Bag Kitty.

Now the Shy Bow-tie Clown.

The two lovers, Mr. Skull and Love Kitty, were able to join us tonight....

And the final costume, the Lonely Wizard, who is currently off duty.

Cast: Jupiter (female) as Bloody Mary.
Romeo (male) as King Romeo.
Dusty (female) as the Bag Kitty.
Hobgoblin (male) as Shy Bow-tie Clown.
Rosie(female) and Yorick (male) as Mr. Skull and Love Kitty.
Merlin (male) as the Lonely Wizard.
By the Juggling Paynes daughter.

My next post will be... virtually sweet!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stick Bugs: Generation of the Giants Two

They now rule the tank almighty, growing stronger every day. Less important to them are, the smaller ones who rule the grounds in search of tasty green morsels.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hobgoblin's Eyes

Hobgoblin, or Hobby, we have had for three or four years, since he was a kitten. He is a beautiful orange tabby cat, with pale yellow green eyes. He has a book history, however. If you have read the whole Harry Potter series, then he is from there. His poor brother, Scribble, was sadly Fred Weasley, Hobby was George Weasley, with a crumpled ear (last book: George loses an ear). Scribble, the Fred cat, died on september 19th (last book: Fred died). To see more, look at my grandmother's blog, for she was whom we gave sweet, mellow Scribbles to. Here is a picture of Hobby's beautiful, glowing pale yellow green eyes.

Love your
pets for the
rest of their
happy life.

Columbus Day

Just like the explorer Columbus, we all travel.

Travel through your
Mind, travel through
Your Soul, and travel
Through your Life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Romeo's Tail

Romeo was a stray cat that we had seen in the cold. Did we adopt him? No! He adopted us. When it was cold, snowy winter, we saw him. He befriended us, the Lovey-dove. He loved it when I was outside. I had made a snow-kid then, and the next morning saw him leaning on the front of it. We made him a nice, cozy bed for him to sleep in in the basement. But he wanted to be in our house, and soon he was called, "Our cat."
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