Saturday, November 6, 2010

The FearlessFlying Tooth

Well, guess why I'm holding a tooth and why one of my teeth are missing. I lost my tooth. See, I got a pair of jeggings/jeans+leggings, and the tag was on a ribbon. I tried to bite through it, but it ended with my tooth flying through the air and me not screaming one bit. I found my tooth just sitting on the bed. And it was a loose tooth.


  1. I think you discovered the painless way to lose a tooth. You look cute! Best of all, you'll get another tooth to replace the one that flew out. Love, Grandma

  2. That's called:"The Adventure of a Lost Tooth" Get it. Love, Buel

  3. The word verification just now was 'reddente', which means red tooth. Was the color of your tooth re when it cae out? I loved your smile thhat came through the space where two of your teeth used to be. Love. Buelo


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