Monday, December 27, 2010

One Very Special Pet

This was one of my very special pets named Lizzie. This photo was shot November 2009. She was an anole. An anole is a type of lizard. She lived for a year. She died near the middle of the month December 2009. She was really funny. We lost her for ten days too, and found her in our cat, Rosie's mouth. But Rosie held her very carefully. But Lizzie was very dried out and hungry. Did you know you can feed anoles baby food? Well, you can!


  1. Well, Lizzie must be in paradise now to be riding such a gorgeous car. I love that shot.
    Love, Buelo

  2. What a nice way to remember Lizzie! Nice car, too. Love, Grandma

  3. Oh my goodness! We had a Lizzie, too. We loved her, but we didn't know all we should have about feeding her. We fed her baby food and dried worms and thing from the pet store, but we didn't feed her live things like crickets, and we think that's why she died. Anoles are very adorable. We have never forgotten our Lizzie.


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