Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I will now tell you five of things I wanted to tell you all.

What's this? I've become a book worm! My mind really likes chew on the words in "Harry Potter". So far I'm in the sixth book, "Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince", which I'm really starting to like.

Spring's coming! We now have one Chipmunk that likes to come to our feeder in the side yard. We also have some Robins here that have been trying, over the past few weeks, to find some of the worms, and failing.

Just plain scary. Last night was scary, and blinding! The lightning was very, VERY BRIGHT! Just very, very scary. I think my cat, Dusty, got a little scared too, because she started meowing really loudly at our door that had a window.

A spring poem. The robins come to play and sing in the beautiful spring, the beautiful spring. The chipmunks come, to run around and collect some food. The birds will chirp and sing, and the other animals will know it's time to come out! In the beautiful spring, the beautiful spring.

Science crystals. I now am growing some crystals I only started yesterday. And guess what? They're already big! They are very pretty. I am still wondering what they will look like tomorrow.


  1. Sierra, I love the way you write. I like the way you described your mind, chewing the words like a worm. That is called "analogy" and you will be using it in your poems. BTW, your poem about Spring captures the joy of all creatures who welcome this happy season. Including us humans. Keep on bloggin' Love, Grandma

  2. Did you know that night lightening is one of the greatest shows fo Nature? I wonder what it would be like to tap into that great source of electric power to illuminate the night.
    And your enlightening poem, brightens thespring spirit. I'm still wondering how and when did you teach yourself how to read and write so beautifully.
    Love you, Buelo


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