Saturday, May 14, 2011

So Many Birthdays!!

Sorry about the delay of say I'm actually 9 years old. My birthday was May 3rd and I forgot to change the blog description. My sister's birthday is today and she is turning eighteen, and it's also my friend's birthday and she is turning eleven. My brother is going to turn fifteen on the twentieth, and also, on that day wishes to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Mom has to do a lot of cakes in May, here is a few but mom still has Chase's cake to do.

Above is my cake. They look like they've been playing in mud.
Below is Marina's cake, a cheshire cat.

Below is a cake that we had for before my birthday/after my buelo's (spanish for grandfather) birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday!, Sierra and Marina and Chase in three more days and Buelo. Oops!, I'm Buelo. Wishing me a Happy Birthday? OK.
    I had a lot of fun celebrating so many birthdays, so close together. It is my privilege
    to have you all so close to my heart, and at a close distance by car.
    Your photos look not only exquisite but delicious as well.
    I love you,
    Buelo, short for Abuelo, in Spanish.

  2. I am happy that you enjoyed your birthday. I loved our outing to the Met. Pretty soon you will be baking the cakes. After all, you're 9! Love, Grandma


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