Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Birds And Captive Birds

  • Elvis, belongs to a falconer friend of ours. Elegant bird, isn't he?

  • Then a free bird, a Long Eared Owl, trying to look bigger after he spotted me. I call him Peek, because he "peeks" out from behind the tree.


  1. Elvis and the long eared owl look gorgeous in those photos. I only got memories of nature,whereas you have such colorfull pictures. I wish we had had this kinds of cameras when I was growing up. Nature really makes me happy.
    I love you for sharing such beauty, Buelo

  2. These pictures are lovely! I know it's highly unlikely, but was wondering if your falconer friend is a man named Jonathan. (That's a question for your mom.)

  3. I love the way Elvis and Peek stare out at me like they want to say "Whoooo are you? and why are you taking my picture?" You captured a unique moment. Love, Grandma


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