Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love Dove

This is a Mourning Dove. We saved a Mourning Dove once. Another time we tried to save one. I feel bad for that one. It died on my lap. Poor thing. I liked helping the nature. We also have a Titmouse family. a Titmouse is a bird, it's small and cute. My family like nature and other things.
It's really nice to have nature around me.
(Please comment, I practically cried talking about the dove that died on my lap)


  1. I'm glad you love morning doves because they sing one of my favorite bird songs. Their song reminds me of a tender loving song like the songs mothers sing to get their babies to sleep.
    It's really sad to see one of them die. My prayers go to the dead dove.
    By the way, your photographic skills are exellent. Keep them coming.
    Love, Buelo

  2. Beautiful pictures. I really enjoy your stories with the pictures. I'm sorry that the dove died in your lap.
    Love, Aunt Linda

  3. You have a beautiful heart, Sierra. And I am so happy that our family's love of nature continues in your loving heart. To be so sad when a dove dies shows how caring you are for all God's creatures. Love, Grandma

  4. We have very friendly morning doves that visit us almost every day out of our window. My daughters love watching them.


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