Monday, August 30, 2010

Nature All Around Me (3)

This is a BumbleBee. Once I was stung on my lip, and until it healed I had a bump on the inside of my mouth. It was a pretty weird feeling. Oops, I said that wrong, really weird feeling. This is a cute BumbleBee, cause it's tiny. I know that Wasps and Hornets can sting twice, and HoneyBees and BumbleBees can only sting once. I pretty much know everything about them. Once I tried to save a bee, cause it got wet. So one day it flew up in the air and I was like "I've saved a Bee!" and then it started flying at me, realizing it was trying to sting me, I started running. I wasn't stung too badly, so I was okay.

1 comment:

  1. Sierra, I enjoy your photos and your witty stories. I am glad you learned when the bee is in attack mode. This picture is fantastic - you are becoming a very good photographer, with a very good eye. Keep it up! Love, Grandma


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