Friday, September 3, 2010

My Godmother's Birthday

This time, I just posted to talk. Today I'm talking about how I went to the beach with my grandma, my grandpa, my godmother Kathy, my uncle Rich, my brother Chase, my one cousin Braden, and my other baby cousin Dylan. My one cousin Braden is really fun to play with, but I also like being with my other cousin Dylan. It's pretty nice to have two cousins like them. We had lots and lots of fun together. I came cause it was my godmother's birthday. The weather was having fun making a little big flood. It had been pouring rain!

(Thank you grandma for taking me there!)


  1. Hi, Sierra:I love the way you see the weather having fun with us. I wish we could reciprocate and have fun with the weather. It would make our lives so much more fun. The funest part I had was all the time I spent with you, sharing the phone camera photos.
    Love, Buelo

  2. Sierra, it is always a pleasure taking you places. And we did have an adventure with that make believe hurricane Earl. Love you! Grandma


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