Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saddest Thoughts Thought About

The saddest thoughts are the ones where you remember the past, and note what has changed about it...

Like Hobgoblin. You think of him when he was a petite kitten with two perfect ears, and note that now his left ear droops, never to be perky again, and he will never be petite again....

And think of his brother, Scribble, whose white markings said "Joy," but now has past on, and we hope he still has that "Joy" with him.


  1. I like your reminder about the new post. This is so well written and shows how much you care about your pets. I am glad you don't forget them. I think Hobbie looks cute with her floppy ear. It tells me she has suffered and survived. And that she has a good family that took care of her. I am sure that Scribbles is spreading JOY wherever he is. Love You! Grandma

  2. Well, thanks for bringing back nie memories of one special and close friend of mine, scribble and a remaining onsolation of his brother, hobgoblin. When I see him, I always think of the good times I had with his brother.
    I love you for bringing bak his picture and the good memories,


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